Watermark Leadership

As God is allowing us to minister to and shepherd a growing number of people across Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Plano, and beyond, we are thankful for His abundant provision of shared leadership across our Elders, Elders Emeritus, Campus Pastors, Campus Shepherds, staff leadership, and countless faithful lay leaders.


Consistent with the exhortation of Scripture, Watermark is led by a team of Elders (Pastors), rather than one man who reports to a ‘board.' This team of Elders (Pastors) governs, corrects, cares for (shepherds), and oversees the spiritual interests of the church. An Elder must be a Member of this church and lead a life that meets the qualifications of Scripture and embodies the calling, convictions, and commitments of Watermark Community Church.

Elders Emeritus

Elders Emeritus at Watermark are men who have previously held the office of Elder and continue to play a significant role in the leadership and shepherding of the church. Elders Emeritus serve under the direction of our current Elders, providing prayer, encouragement, support, and overall leadership in critical initiatives all throughout our body.

Campus Shepherds

A Campus Shepherd is an under-shepherd, a pastor and lover of people, who is appointed by the Elders and operates under the Elders’ authority to help “shepherd the flock” at their respective campus and to assist the Campus Pastor in campus ministry and leadership.

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Campus Pastors

Campus Pastors lead and care for the staff at each of our individual campuses. Under the direction of the Elders, they implement and oversee campus initiatives and ministries.

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