Service & Membership

Finding a "place of service" at Watermark

As you may know, part of Membership at Watermark is participating in regular, gospel-centered service, either inside or outside the church. We believe this reflects the biblical expectation that Christians use their gifts to serve others (I Corinthians. 12, I Peter. 4:10-11).

To see opportunities at Watermark or with our established Ministry Partners, please visit our Serve Page. But you're also welcome to find additional ways to serve, using the guidelines below!

Here are helpful guidelines that will help most at Watermark find a “place of service" for membership:

  1. Volunteer with a Christian ministry (one that shares Christ in word and deed).
  2. Serve regularly (usually monthly or more) within the same ministry, in order to have a growing depth of impact.
  3. Use your God-given gifts and talents within that opportunity!

Our goal is not to frustrate you or add additional "hoops" to the Membership process. But we believe every Christian can spend time serving others for an hour a month, and this is what we ask from our members.

Note: Sometimes Watermark members have an unavoidable (temporary) circumstance that makes serving in these ways impossible. And others may have found excellent ways to serve that don't clearly line up with the above criteria. If either of those is the case, please contact the External Focus team at We are glad to learn about your unique situation and work with you in the membership process.